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Undergraduate Colloquium
Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Changes are possible.

October 3
Thursday 5:10pm
Honors College Commons
  Aaron Welters
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  An introduction to modeling dissipation in composite systems and their properties in a high-loss regime

          [abstract]       [poster]


November 7
Thursday 4:15pm
PGH 646
  Stephen Shipman
Louisiana State University
  Simple models for complex physical phenomena

          [abstract]       [poster]

chain of beads

January 29
Wednesday 4:15pm
CBB 110
  Jingmei Qiu
University of Houston
  Computational Methods and Applications in Plasma Physics and Meteorology

          [abstract]       [poster]
instability I, T=15 instability I, T=20 instability I, T=30
Evolution of an instability; T=time

February 20
Thursday 4:00pm
SEC 105
  Zachary Kilpatrick
University of Houston
  Mathematical models for the dynamics of brain activity

          [abstract]       [poster]

April 7
Monday 4:15pm
PGH 646
  Andrew Török
University of Houston
  Understanding Chaos: The Lorenz Attractor

          [abstract]       [poster]
image of the Lorenz attractor
Image from Wikipedia

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