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Undergraduate Colloquium
Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Changes are possible.

October 22
SW 231
  Mark Tomforde
University of Houston
  The Linear Algebra Behind Google's PageRank: Finding a Needle in a World-Wide Haystack

          [abstract]       [poster]

November 6
AH 10
  Krešimir Josić
University of Houston
  What can you believe when the truth keeps changing?

          [abstract]       [poster]
log likelihood evolution   psychophysics experiment

December 3
PGH 646
  Andrew Thaler
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota
  Why math is cool

          [abstract]       [poster]
4:00pm ?
PGH 646
  Sunčica Čanić
University of Houston
  Interactions between fluids and structures motivated by real-life problems: micro-swimmers, vascular stents, and heart valves


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