Math 1312

Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

Section: 18362

Time: MoTuWeThFr 12:00AM - 2:00PM

Classroom: SEC 201

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Instructor: Irina Perepelitsa

Office: PGH 617

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:50AM - 9:50AM (617 PGH),
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1. Quiz 2 is due TODAY, July 21.
2. Quiz 3 is due tomorrow, July 22.
3. Quiz 4 AND Quiz 5 are due on Thursday, July 24.
This is what you should be working right now:
1. Set up your account at CourseWare (CASA)
2. Read Math 1312 Departmental Policies
3. Learn your PeopleSoft ID number
4. Start working on Quiz 0 and Quiz 1. You may find those under "Online Assignments" tab in your CourseWare account.
Welcome to Math 1312!
You should get familiar with my website and print blank notes for your next class. You can find them under "Class Notes"
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