Professor Jeff Morgan
Department of Mathematics
University of Houston

Previous Semesters: Math 1431 (Calculus I), Math 1432 (Calculus II), Online Math 3321 (Engineering Math)

Fall 2013: Online Math 5397 (Scientific Computing with Excel)
Spring, Summer and Fall 2014: Online Math 2331 (Linear Algebra)

Fall 2014: Online Math 5341


Research Interests: Chemical reaction-diffusion systems and mathematical biology.
Teaching and Outreach Interests:
Secondary mathematics education, AP calculus, technology.

Projects and Positions:

  • Associate Provost for Education, Innovation and Technology at UH
  • Director of the Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA). CASA offers face-to-face mathematics tutoring, online discussion board help, online assessments, electronic poppers, and secure computerized testing.
  • Chair, Department of Mathematics, Fall 2003 to Summer 2013
  • Training Future Teachers - Co-PI and Co-Director of the teachHOUSTON program, which is generously funded by the Texas Education Agency, the Texas High School Project, the Sid Richardson Foundation, the National Math and Science Initiative, the Department of Mathematics, and the University of Houston.
  • Scholarships for Future Teachers - Co-PI of the Noyce scholarship grant from NSF for future STEM teachers in k-12.
  • High School Mathematics Contest - Director of the annual contest at the University of Houston, funded by the College of Natural Science and Mathematics and the Department of Mathematics.
  • Middle School Mathematics Project - Co-PI of a program generously funded by the Texas Coordinating Board to create training materials for the next generation of middle school mathematics teachers.
  • The Houston ACT - Director of the Just-In-Time AP Calculus Teacher Workshops at the University of Houston. The Houston ACT has been offering free teacher workshops since 2001, with funding provided by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Houston.
  • EatMath - Co-Director of Just-In-Time Algebra I Teacher Workshops at the University of Houston.
  • Online Course Materials - Director of the development of online help materials for Fundamentals of Math, College Algebra, Finite Math, Business Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II and Differential Equations.