Fall 2013 Calculus II Online

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Contact Info for instructor Tristan Whalen
    Email: tgwhalen@math.uh.edu
    Office: PGH 677
    Office Hours by request, may be on campus or in online classroom
    Please email me to request an in-person or online office hour.
    Website: http://www.math.uh.edu/~tgwhalen

Math Links
    [Unit Circle] A pdf formula sheet for the major trig values.
    [Trig Identities] A pdf formula sheet.
    Online Math Help An overwhelming collection of notes and videos from UH math courses for review.

Course Links
    Problem Session Page to be posted
    CourseWare Submit your homework, take online quizzes, view the textbook, and check the discussion board here.
    Online Math Courses Links to all the online UH math course sites for Fall 2013.
    Distance Education Information for all UH online courses.
    Exam Proctoring If you live 100 miles or more from campus, you'll need to make arrangements for tests.
    Learning Support Services A service offered at UH for academic help.