Graduate Student Paper Presentations on April 5, 2019.

Participants at the Grad Student Paper Presentations

Winners of the "Best Talk" awards with the Judges

"Bounded Remainder Sets for Rotations on Compact Groups" by Akshat Das

"One-Bit Phase Retrieval via Random Half-Dimensioned Projections" by Dylan Domel-White

"The Pattern of You: A study of Reaction-Diffusion Equations" by Prajakta Bedekar

"A Kinetic Theory Approach to Pedestrian Motion" by Daewa Kim

"Distributed Ensemble Kalman Filter in Numerical Weather Prediction" by Kayla Bicol

"Optimizing Sequential Decisions in the Drift-Diffusion Model" by Khanh Nguyen

"Should we cheer or should we riot? Decision Making in Transparent Groups" by Megan Stickler

"Synaptic Plasticity in Balanced Networks" by Alan E. Akil