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Analysis Seminar - Fall 2019
Fridays, 1-2pm, PGH 646

August 30
  David Blecher
University of Houston
Conditional expectations, classical and non-commutative  
September 13
  Martin Kliesch
University of Düsseldorf
An introduction to compressed sensing and its application to quantum process tomography  
September 20
  Kari Eifler
Texas A&M University
The graph isomorphism game for quantum graphs -- Rescheduled because of weather/UH closure  
September 27
  Anna Vershynina
University of Houston
How close is close in quantum mechanics?  
October 4
  Clement Dell'aiera
University of Hawaii, Manoa
Exhaustivity of representations at infinity of Roe algebras  
October 18


November 1
  Li Gao
Texas A&M University
Quantum Markov semigroups and Complete logarithmic Sobolev inequality  
November 8
  Mehrdad Kalantar
University of Houston
Representation rigidity of subgroups, and ideal structure of C*-algebras of quasi-regular representations  

  Brazos Analysis Seminar  
Baylor University
November 15

  Sam Harris (Texas A and M)

Operator system crossed products  
November 22

  Matt Kennedy (Waterloo)

Noncommutative Choquet theory  
December 17 (Tuesday 3:30 pm)

  N. Christopher Phillips (Oregon)

Is there a Cuntz-Pimsner construction for ^p$~operator algebras?  

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