Record of Analysis and Analysis-Related Courses Offered From Fall 2011 to Present

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Math 4331/2 Intro to Real Analysis I and II   Kalantar Kalantar Bodmann Bodmann Labate Labate Bodmann Bodmann Paulsen Blecher Bodmann Paulsen Wagner Wagner Paulsen Paulsen
Math 6304 Matrix Theory   Bodmann Bodmann
Math 6302/3 Modern Algebra I and II   Heier Heier Haynes Haynes Tomforde Tomforde Heier Heier Kaiser Kaiser Heier Heier Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser
Math 6320/1 Functions of a Real Variable   Tomforde Tomforde Papadakis Climenhaga Kalantar Kalantar Climenhaga Climenhaga Ott Ott Blecher Blecher Labate Labate Tomforde Tomforde
Math 6342/7350 Topology/Manifolds   Ott Torok Torok Climenhaga Blecher Ott Tomforde Heier Climenhaga Climenhaga Tomforde Climenhaga Ott Ott Blecher Heier
Math 6360/1 Applicable Analysis I and II   Bodmann Bodmann Gorb Gorb Auchmuty Auchmuty Onofrei Onofrei Gorb Gorb Auchmuty Auchmuty Gorb Gorb Glowinski Glowinski
Math 7320/1 Functional Analysis   Blecher Blecher Bodmann Bodmann Tomforde Tomforde Blecher Blecher
Analysis Topics
  Vershynina (Quantum Information) Kalantar (Representation Theory of Infinite Groups) Blecher (Analytic Functions, Hardy Spaces and Operator Function Theory) Blecher (Convexity & Choquet Theory) Tomforde (C*-Algebras Associated with Dynamical Systems) Blecher (Duality, Operator spaces, and von Neumann algebras) and Bodmann (Information theory with Applications) Paulsen (Quantum Information Theory) Paulsen (Reproducing kernel Hilbert Spaces) Tomforde (Intro to C*-algebras) Paulsen (Introduction to completely positive maps and quantum computing) Blecher (Operator Theory)