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Due to COVID-19 situation all CHAMP activities are canceled starting March 11th, 2020 until further notice

Math Circle on location
UH students enrichment
We serve middle and high school students from undeserved communities surrounding the UH by coming to their campuses to hold a Math Circle meeting once per week. Flyer for the program.
We provide an enrichment program for UH students, that enhances student's academic lives and future carriers, and strengthen their carrier prospects. Events in the program are open to all students, but are tailored to those, who works and volunteer for CHAMP. Flyer for the program.
Information for Schools
Information for UH students

Math Circle at the UH
Outreach to girls and other students
Starting January 2020, we will hold a Math Circle meeting at the UH campus for middle school students. It is not necessary for the student to have advanced math abilities, just enough enthusiasm to spend time working on fun math problems.
The circle has been suspended due to low student participation.
-On February 15, 2020 we held a booth during Girls Exploring Math and Science (GEMS) event at the HMNS.
-On February 1, 2020 we helped run the Mathematics Contest at the UH.
Information for Middle School Students

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CHAMP Scholars (high and middle school students)

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CHAMP Mentors (volunteering students) and Staff (paid students)

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CHAMP has changed its leadership and has been restructured in summer 2019, in particular to include service to UH volunteers. The information about activities and structure of CHAMP under previous leadership is available here.