Cougars and Houston Area Math Program
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Fall 2013

Time: Mondays 1-3PM

Location: UH Campus, Room 109 of the Roy G. Cullen Building

August 26: Orientation
Instructor: Mark Tomforde

September 2: Labor Day -- Day Off

September 9: Lesson #1: Why do we have all these numbers!?
Instructor: Leigh Hollyer

September 16: Lesson #2: Probability
Instructor: Mark Tomforde

September 23: Lesson #3: Logic
Instructor: Paulette Willis

September 30: Lesson #4: Exponential Growth
Instructor: Zack Kilpatrick

October 7: Lesson #5: Patterns and Games
Instructor: Mark Tomforde

October 14: Lesson #6: Poetry Symmetry
Instructor: Zack Kilpatrick

October 21: Lesson #7: Mathematical Reasoning
Instructor: Will Ott

October 28: Lesson #8: Field Trip to a Robotics Lab at Rice University
Instructor: Mark Tomforde

November 4: Lesson #9: Paradoxes
Instructor: Victor Kostyuk

November 11: Wrap Up
Instructor: Mark Tomforde