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CMB is a member of the Cardiovascular Regeneration Project

Welcome to the Center for the Mathematical Biosciences

CMB is the Gulf Coast Cluster for Mathematical Biosciences of the Gulf Coast Consortia. CMB brings together researchers in applied and computational mathematics and statistics, researchers in biomedical sciences, and clinicians, to define new frontiers and solve problems that require multi-scale modeling and analysis of biological systems with application to clinical medicine, cardiovascular sciences, cancer research and neuroscience. This collaborative group combines mathematical expertise in differential equations, probability and statistics, analysis, scientific computing, and geometry with computational image analysis, data mining and a study of complex biomedical problems that require multi-scale approaches spanning nano-biomedicine, gene interaction networks, evolutionary biology, cell biology, virtual tissue biology, and the physiome.

The Scope:

The formidable challenges and potential breakthroughs currently emerging in biology, medical research, genomics, and proteomics will strongly influence mathematical innovation in the 21st century. Responding to this scientific tide, the Department of Mathematics at UH, Biology Department at UH, the Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University, the Department of Statistics at Rice University, the UT Health Science Center in Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Heart Institute, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, have created a center that will forge research and educational links between the mathematical sciences on the one hand and the biosciences and medicine on the other. The Center forms a bridge between several interdisciplinary clusters at the University of Houston and the exceptionally strong biomedical research in Houston involving the Medical Center and Rice University.

Center Activities:

Interdisciplinary Seminars and Conferences
Interdisciplinary Workshops
Graduate Courses at the interface between Mathematics and Biology
Undergraduate Degree Program in Mathematical Biology
Research for Undergraduates (REU) at the interface between Mathematics and Biology

Administrative Structure:

Director and co-Directors representing each participating institution (rotating): S. Canic (UH), S. Cox (Rice), V. Cristini (UTHSCH), C. Hartley (Baylor)

Steering Committee:

R. Azencott (UH, Math), R. Azevedo (UH, Biology), G. Balaszi (MD Anderson CC), S. Canic (UH, Math), S. Cox (Rice, CAAM), V. Cristini (UTHSCH and MD Anderson Cancer Center), M. Ferrari (UTHSCH and MD Anderson Cancer Center), J. Grade-Allen (Rice, Bioengineering), G. Guidoboni (UH, Math), G. Gunaratne (UH, Phys), C. Hartley (Baylor,Cardiovascular Sciences), I. Kakadiaris (UH, Comp. Sci), M. Kimmel (Rice, Statistics), K. Josic (UH, Math), G. Mills (MD Anderson CC), J. Morgan (UH, Math), M. Pettitt (UH, Chem), R. Rumbaut (Baylor, Cardiovascular Sciences), D. Sorensen (Rice, CAAM), M. Vannucci (Rice, Statistics).


The Institute for Theoretical and Engineering Science at UH
Department of Mathematics at UH
Partial Support by the National Science Foundation
Partial Support by the Methodist Hospital