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Mathematics Colloquium – Spring 2024
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
either on Zoom or in person

Semester starts January 16, Tuesday
January 24   Katherine Ensor
Rice University
  Hierarchical Modeling for Spatial-Temporal Extremes
[abstract]   [poster]  
February 7   Peter Kramer
  Stochastic effects in molecular motor teams under detachment and reattachment
February 21   Andrew Bernoff
Harvey Mudd College
  Agent-Based and Continuous Models of Locust Swarms
March 6   Nancy Rodriguez
University of Colorado, Boulder
  A journey in the use of mathematical models to gain insight into ecological and sociological phenomena
    Spring break: March 11-16 (Mon-Sat)
April 3   Charles Doran
Bard College
  Supergeometry of Adinkras and (Quantum) Error Correcting Codes
April 17   Christopher Leininger
Rice University
  Billiards, symbolic coding, and geometry
  Semester ends April 29, Monday

Changes/shifts are possible.

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