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Mathematics Colloquium - Fall 2007
Wednesdays, 3-4pm, 106 AH

August 29
  Roger Smith
Texas A&M
Homogeneous C*-algebras; where analysis meets linear algebra and topology
September 12
  Yolanda Munoz,
UT School of Public Health
A Non-parametric Approach for Testing the Similarity of Ganglioside Profiles 
September 26
  Manfred Denker
Universität Göttingen
Local limit theorems: Theory and mathematical applications  
October 10
  Jody Trout
Dartmouth College
The Fourth Dimension Across the Curriculum  
October 24
  Paula Tretkoff
Texas A&M
Transcendendence of values of hypergeometric functions  
November 7 Special location
Rockwell Pavillion
MDA Library

  Ian Stewart
Warwick University
Synchronised chaos in networks  
November 28
  Maurice Rojas
Texas A&M
Most hard equations are easy  
November 30 Special time
and location:
SEC 102, 1-2pm

  Robert Devaney
Boston University
The Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set  

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