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Mathematics Colloquium - Fall 2008
Wednesdays, 3-4pm; SEC 104

September 3
  Professor Amie Wilkinson
Northwestern University
From uniform to partial hyperbolocity  
September 10
  Professor Nick Loehr
Virginia Tech
Bijections, Lattice Paths, and Probability  
October 8
  Professor Ian Melbourne
University of Surrey (UK)
Decay of correlations for Lorentz gases and Lorenz attractors  
October 15
  Professor Mark Embree
Rice University
Spectral Calculations for Damped Mechanical Systems  
November 5
  Professor Sinan Gunturk
The Courant Institute
Accuracy of One-Bit Quantization
November 19
  Professor Michael Shelley
The Courant Institute
Dynamics and Transport in Active Suspensions

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