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Mathematics Colloquium - Fall 2009
3-4pm, 201 SEC

September 9   Irene Gamba
UT Austin
Convolution like estimates for the Boltzmann Transport Equation and classical solutions and stability near Maxwellian data
September 16   Raymond Johnson
Rice University
H1 as a convolution algebra
September 30   Francis Su
Harvey Mudd College
Voting in Agreeable Societies
October 14   Bruno Nachtergaele
UC Davis
Quantum Computation and Universality of the Ground State Problem
October 28   Thomas Strohmer
UC Davis
Richness of Sparsity: Random matrices, Remote Sensing and Harmonic Analysis
November 11
  232 PGH
  James Keener
University of Utah
The Mathematics of Cardiac Arrhythmias, or, What do Forest Fires, Greek Columns and Cardiac Arrhythmias have in Common?
Distinguished Seminar in Mathematical Bioscience

November 18   James J. Feng
University of British Columbia
Drop Dynamics in Complex Fluids: Partial Coalescence and Self-Assembly
November 25   Thanksgiving break

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