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Mathematics Colloquium – Fall 2012
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
room PGH 646

[ and exceptionally Fred J. Heyne 30;
these will be advertised as such ]

Available dates. Small changes/shifts are possible.

August 29   Hong-Kun Zhang
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  Diffusive billiard systems
September 5   Bernard Dacorogna
  The pullback equation for differential forms
September 19   Qi Zhang
University of Missouri-Columbia
  On projective varieties with numerically effective anti-canonical divisor
October 10   Guido Weiss
Washington University at St. Louis
  An approach to Shift Invariant subspaces that applies, among other things, to wavelets and other connected areas in Mathematics and Applications
October 24   George Avalos
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  Decay properties of Partial Differential Equation models of fluid-structure interaction
October 31   Qiang Du
Pennsylvania State University
  How to search for transition states/saddle points?
November 7   Leonid Berlyand
Pennsylvania State University
  PDE models of collective swimming in suspensions of swimming bacteria
November 14   Steven Lu
University of Quebec at Montreal
  Generalizing the Little Picard Theorem
November 21   Thanksgiving
November 28   Adam Ginensky
WH Trading
  Mathematics in Finance – Theory and Practice

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