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Mathematics Colloquium – Fall 2016
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
room: PGH 646

[ and exceptionally TBA;
these will be advertised as such ]

Semester starts Aug. 22
August 31   Gilles Pisier
TAMU and Paris VI
  Sidon sets in bounded orthonormal systems
September 14   Lior Fishman
University of North Texas
  Intrinsic approximation on fractals
September 28   Dongbin Xiu
Ohio State University
  Approximation Algorithms for Big Data
October 19   Roland Roeder
  The Ising Model for magnets and the mysterious Lee-Yang zeros
October 26
special room: AH 110
  William Dunham
Bryn Mawr College
  Euler in Two Acts
November 9   Omar Ghattas
UT Austin
  Large-scale Bayesian inversion and the flow of the Antarctic ice sheet
Nov. 23-26: Thanksgiving
Semester ends Dec. 3

Changes/shifts are possible.

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