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Mathematics Colloquium - Spring 2008
Wednesdays, 3-4pm, SEC 204

January 23
  Chris Heil
Georgia Tech
Music, Time-Frequency Shifts, and Linear Independence  
February 6
  Der-Chen Chang
Georgetown University
Sub-elliptic PDEs and sub-Riemannian geometry  
February 15
in 232 PGH)

  Alfio Quarteroni
EPFL/Politechnico di Milano
Mathematical Modeling as a Bridge between Medicine, Sports, and the Environment  
February 20
  Gene Abrams
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Leavitt algebras and Leavitt path algebras: The algebraic underpinnings of some important classes of C*-algebras  
February 27
  William Ott
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Dissipative homoclinic loops and rank one chaos  
March 5
  Constantine Dafermos
Brown University
Progress in Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
March 26
  Almut Burchard
University of Toronto
Solitary waves on an infinite elastic curve  

April 2
  Dmitri Kuzmin
Universität Dortmund
Introduction to Total Variation Diminishing Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws  
April 16
  Paul Muhly
University of Iowa
From Finite Dimensional Algebras to Operator Algebras, a personal pursuit of Halmos's dictum
April 23
  Giovanna Guidoboni
University of Houston
Numerical algorithms for free boundary flows with strong interfacial effects

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