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Mathematics Colloquium - Spring 2011
3-4pm, SEC 202

Current list of speakers. Small changes/shifts possible in the dates.

January 19   Piotr Nowak
Texas A&M
  Exact groups and their applications
January 26   Shou-Wu Zhang
Columbia University
  Calabi-Yau Theorem and algebraic dynamics
February 9   Mike Boyle
University of Maryland
  G-shifts of finite type, group rings and flow equivalence of sofic shifts
February 23   Philip Kutzko
University of Iowa
  The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences: Building Community in the math science
March 9   Peter Constantin
University of Chicago
  Complex Fluids
March 16   Spring Break
March 23 (different location)   Charles Epstein
University of Pennsylvania
  A new method for the numerical solution of Maxwell's equations
April 6   Peter Kuchment
Texas A&M
  Critical partitions and the nodal counts for billiard eigenfunctions
April 20   Thomas Y. Hou
  Recent progress on dynamic stability and global regularity of 3D incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations
May 2
(Monday 3pm, SEC 105)
  Allen Tannenbaum
Georgia Institute of Technology, Schools of ECE and BME
  Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging

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