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Mathematics Colloquium – Spring 2012
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
room SEC 104

Available dates. Small changes/shifts are possible.

February 1   Liliana Borcea
Rice University, CAAM
  Imaging and wave propagation in random waveguides
February 8   Luis Caffarelli
UT Austin
  Geometric problems involving non local equations
February 15   Alessio Figalli
UT Austin
  On the Ma-Trudinger-Wang condition
March 12-17   Spring break    
March 21   Eitan Tadmor
University of Maryland
  Consensus and flocking: self-organized dynamics from particle to hydrodynamic descriptions
April 4   Michael Vogelius
  Electromagnetic cloaking at all frequencies
April 11   Homer Walker
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  Anderson acceleration for fixed-point iterations
April 18   Steve Shkoller
UC Davis
  On the finite-time splash and splat singularities for the 3-D free-surface Euler equations

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