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Mathematics Colloquium – Spring 2016
Wednesdays, 3 – 4pm
room: PGH 646

[ and exceptionally TBA;
these will be advertised as such ]

Semester starts Jan. 19
January 27   Alan Huckleberry
Ruhr-University Bochum and Jacobs University Bremen
  The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics
February 17   Wolfgang Bangerth
  Simulating complex flows in the Earth mantle
March 2   Yakov Pesin
Pennsylvania State University
  The Theory of Chaos: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
TBA   Denis Zorin
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
March 23   Anna Mazzucato
Pennsylvania State University
  Optimal mixing and stirring in incompressible flows
April 6   Luis Garcia-Puente
Sam Houston State University
  Toric degenerations of B├ęzier patches
April 20   Daniel Abrams
Northwestern University
  Careful or colorful: the evolution of animal ornaments
Semester ends May 2

Changes/shifts are possible.

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