Accommodation & Local Area


  • Hilton, Houston Medical Center . The meeting will be held at the Hilton and we have negotiated a special very attractive rate for the rooms (single or double occupancy).
    Each room is a suite with King sized bed (or two Queens), separate bedroom and lounge room with a good desk and ample seating. The lounge rooms would be ideal for a small meeting and discussions. The hotel has been recently renovated and all fittings are in excellent condition. There is also a reasonable fitness center and a good sized pool. Free wireless internet is provided in the rooms.

    For invited/supported participants we aim to pay directly for the accommodation (this does not include food, etc). For those staying longer than three days, it should be possible to get you the preferential rate for the duration of your stay. If you have not already done so, please let us know your dates of arrival and departure as soon as possible (email Matt Nicol

    For those renting cars, please be advised there is no free parking in the immediate area (that includes the hotel). If you are intending to rent a car, please email Mike Field and we will try to arrange a preferred rate for your parking. Note that it is possible to survive quite well at this location without a car (Texans excepted).

  • There will be some limited accommodation at the Rodeway Inn. This about a 10 minute walk from the Hilton through a pleasant surburban enclave in the Medical Center area. Many of the rooms have reasonable facilities such as a fridge or stove. While not as comfortable as the Hilton, the Rodeway is a good option for a longer stay. It is on a bus route, close to supermarkets and other shopping and a bit closer to Rice Village than the Hilton. Parking is free at the Rodeway and there is free wireless internet. For a preferential rate, it is essential that bookings are made through the mathematics department at UH. If you wish to stay at the Rodeway, please let us know your dates of arrival and departure as soon as possible (email Matt Nicol

Local Area

Both the Hilton and Rodeway Inn have good local access (by light rail or bus) to downtown, local museums, art galleries, Rice University, and Herman Park. They are both within walking distance of shops and (good) restaurants in Rice Village and are very close to `fast food' outlets in the Medical Center area.