Workshop Dinner

The workshop dinner will be held on Monday evening 7:00PM for 7:30PM at the Bombay Brassiere in Rice Village. (The cost will be $30 - $20 for graduate students). The restaurant caters for vegetarians. Please email Mike Field (with numbers) if you can come.

We strongly suggest payment in advance as it avoids (us) having to handle large amounts of cash and reduces the need for currency conversions etc. This is the secure site for

Advance payment for Workshop dinner

Please note that the cost is $20 for graduate students; for everyone else $30. Entering your details: for the address, use the billing address of the card you want to use; only fill in the items that are mandatory (red star); for phone number - the suggestion is to use your phone number without the international code. As usual they want the 3 or 4 digit credit card identifying number (that is identified using somewhat obscure terminology).

If you would prefer to pay in cash (or US$ check) on Monday morning, floor 8 desk at the Hilton, that will be fine. Receipts and "ticket" will be distributed on Monday. You also get an emailed online receipt if you pay online.