Details of Support

We strongly encourage graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty working in dynamics to apply for financial support. We anticipate confirmation soon of external support from NSF that will support travel to Houston, local travel (to and from airport), and accommodation for the duration of the workshop for a limited number of participants.
NSF support for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty will be restricted to those residing within the USA.

Accommodation will either be at the Hilton, Medical Center, where we have negotiated a special rate, or at the Rodeway Inn which is nearby (again, we have a special rate). For graduate students, we can support either shared accomodation at the Hilton (nominally $75/night) or single at the Rodeway Inn.

If you are interested in coming, please let us know provisional dates as soon as you can. For supported accommodation, we make the arrangements with the hotel and we reimburse the hotel. If you make your own arrangements, we reimburse up to a maximum of $75/night. Note that if you make your own arrangements, you will be liable for State taxes.

Applying for Support

To apply for support, please email Matthew Nicol at providing the following information:

1. Name.
2. Institute.
3. Supervisor (for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows).
4. Fields of study and interest.
5. Two page (maximum) vita.

(A PDF file summarizing these details about the application process.)

We advise applying as early as possible: we anticipate making initial decisions on support quite soon. There is also a limit on the total number of participants on account of available physical space. If you wish to come unsupported, please contact us before making travel plans.