5th annual Houston-LSU-Texas A&M Undergraduate Mathematics research Conference

March 26-27 2022 | Venue: University of Houston

About the conference

Panel discussion during the first installment of the TX-LA Undergraduate Mathematics Conference in 2017 led by the organizers.

The Houston-LSU-Texas A&M Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference is a forum for sharing the results of undergraduate research activities in mathematics. This annual event rotates between the University of Houston (UH), Louisiana State University (LSU), and Texas A&M University (TAMU).

We create a lively environment wherein students present research and discuss mathematics. Such activities help prepare students for graduate study, positions with research laboratories, or employment in industry.

The 2021-2022 conference will be fully in-person. There will be no virtual component.

The conference adopts a unique format where students will present their research work in two modes: (1) an oral presentation and then (2) a scientific poster. This format exposes students to two different presentation experiences: a formal talk in front of a large audience and then a more casual and personalized discussion with their colleagues and professors.

REGISTRATION and abstract submission

We invite undergraduate students to present research projects at the conference. Each presentation will consist of a talk (March 26) and a poster (March 27). The poster and the talk should cover the same project. Groups of up to four students may submit research projects. Each group may have a single person give the talk or assign multiple co-speakers.

To register for the conference, send the following information to tx.la.umc@gmail.com :

  • Name and affiliation (include PSID if UH student)

  • UH status (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior)

  • Food restriction/s (if any)

If you would like to attend the conference, please register. fIn order to "be eligible for lunch", please submit this information by the morning of March 25, 2022.

Note: The deadline for submitting projects has passed.