University of Houston
Department of Mathematics
Math 4355: Mathematics of Signal Representations. SPRING  2009


Prerequisites: MATH 2431 and one of the following: MATH 3333, MATH 3334, MATH 3330, MATH 3363. MATH 3321 can be used instead of MATH 2431. Students may attempt the course without having one of the above junior-level courses but they first have to obtain the consent of the instructor. 

“A first course in wavelets with Fourier analysis” by A. Boggess and F. Narcowich, Wiley, 2009. Note: New edition in preparation, text available to course members by special arrangement with publisher.

Description of MATH 4355:

Inner product spaces

Fourier series and transform



  Grades will be based on homework assignments and on two exams (midterm and final). You can improve the grade of your midterm exam with the final, but this implies that for those who choose to do so the final is comprehensible. The midterm gives you 80 pts and the final 110pts. Each homework assignment gives a different number of points (5 for each problem). All grades are summed and divided by the total number of pts you can collect in the course. This gives you your final grade. A quotient of  0.43  or more is  D- , of  0.46  or more is D, of 0.54 or more is C, of 0.64 is  B-, of 0.80 or more is A- ,  of 0.85 or more  is  A.