< Collaboration with the Methodist Hospital in Houston (The Mitral Valve Project) >
(with Annalisa Quaini, Giovanna Guidoboni, Roland Glowinski (Math, UH), Dr. Stephen Little, Dr. William Zoghbi and Stephen Igo (Methodist Hospital) )

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Project Description: Three-Dimensional Fluid-structure Intaraction in Blood Flow.


  • Simulation of flow in a Heart Chamber
  • Evaluation of the ultrasound PISA method
  • Simulation of the artificial valve-like structure
  • Simulation of a bioartificial aortic valve
  • Simulation of a mitral heart valve

    Numerical simulations (with Quaini):

  • Flow through a ``slot'' orifice in the Heart Chamber (streamlines: 2 different views)

    (iso-velocity surfaces)

  • Comparison between experimental and computational flow rate near the orifice