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Co-Organizer and Speaker in "Workshop in Interdisciplinary Mathematics, May 10-12, 2010, Penn State University

Invited Speaker at the Heart Valve Society of America Scientific Meeting: "Valves in the Heart of the Big Apple VI: Evaluation and Management of Valvular Heart Disease." April 24-27, 2010.

Invited Speaker at the NSF/NIH PIs meeting at the University of Maryland, "Frontiers in Mathematical Biology." April 14-17, 2010.

SIAM PDE Meeting in Miami, 12/7-9, 2009. Invited to present lectures in 3 Minisyposia: "Multi-D Conservation Laws and Related Applications," by Gui-Q. Chen et al. "Mathematical and Numerical Models for Coupled Multiphysics Problems," by Quarteroni et al.; "Analysis and Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction in Aeroelasticity and Blood Flows," by A. Tuffaha.

Colloquium Talk at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, June 22, 2009

Invited Presentation at the IMA "Workshop on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws", July 27-31, 2009.

Invited Presentatation at the 31st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society "Engineering the Future of Biomedicine," September 2-6, 2009.

Invited presentation at the Special Sessions "Nonlinear PDEs" at 2009 AMS San Francisco, April 25-26, 2009.

Invited Lecture at May 28-29, 2009 - ERCIM spring meetings and 20th anniversary Paris, France.

Plenary Talk at Texas Heart Institute's \Cardiovascular Regeneration Workshop"

2008 Exhibitor at Coalition for National Science Funding, Capitol Hill, Jun 25 2008.

UCLA: Main Ogranizer and Speaker at the IPAM Workshop on Transport in the Human Body: Blood and Lungsi, May 2008

Invited Lecture at the Workhop on Kinetic Theory and Related Problems AMS Regional Meeting in Bloomington IN, April 4-6, 2008.

Invited Lecture at the Americal Institute for Mathematics (AIM), Palo Alto Workshop on PDEs of Mixed Type, March 17-21, 2008.

Seminar Presentation at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, SUNY Stony Brook, February 11, 2008.

2007 Distinguished Lecturer in the NSF DMS Distinguished Lecture Series, September 2007.

2006 American Mathematical Society Fall Central Section Meeting, October 21-22, 2006 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (Plenary Lecture)

Joint SIAM meeting with the Austrian Mathematical Society, Klagenfurt, Austria, Sep 18-23, 2005 (Opening Lecture)

Conference on Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing, Croatia, June 19-24, 2005 (Invited Speaker)

Focused Research Group Annual Meeting (FRG) in Multi-dimensional Compressible Flows, Wisconsin, June 8-12, 2005 (Invited Presentation)

HSEMB (The Houston Society for Engineering in Medicine and Biology), The 22nd Annual Houston Conference on Biomedical Engineering Research Thursday and Friday, 10-11 February 2005 (Presentation in the Cardiovascular Session)

SIAM Meeting on Partial Differential Equations, December 2004 (Plenary Speaker).

HYP2004 (Biannual Conference on Hyperbolic Problems), Osaka, Japan, September 2004 (Plenary Address)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) 26th Annual International Conference, San Francisco 1-5, 2004, Symposium on Vessel Wall Mechanics (Invited Talk).

Endovascular Summit 2004, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 2004. (Invited Presentation.)

Conference on Analysis, Modeling and Computation of PDEs and Multiphase Flow, SUNY Stony Brook, August 3-5, 2004 (Invited Presentation)

Workshop on Multi-Dimensional Euler Equations and Shock Waves, Stanford University, California, July 2004 (Invited Presentation)

Invited Talk at the French Academy of Sciences in Paris: Fluid-Structure Interaction Session, May 2004.

Workshop on Multi-dimensional Euler equations and conservation laws, Pittsburgh, November 6-9, 2003 (Plenary Speaker).

Symposium on Modeling of Physiological Flows, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland, September 1-3, 2003. (Key-note Speaker).

Oberwolfach Mathematical Institute: Workshop on Multiscale Methods and Applications, Oberwolfach, Germany, July 27-August 2, 2003, Invited Talk.

ICIAM 2003 Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia, July 7-11, 2003, Talk in the minisymposium on Blood Flow.

ICIAM 2003 Annual Meeting, Sydney, Australia, July 7-11, 2003, Talk in the minisymposium on Kinetic Theory and Related Hyperbolic Problems.

Invited Talk in a Minisymposium at the 21st IFIP TC 7 Conference on System Modeling and Optimisation, Sophia Antipolis, France, July 21-25, 2003.

PDE Seminar Lecture at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) December 6, 2002, Title: "Self-Similar Solutions to 2-D Riemann Problems for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws."

Applied Mathematics Colloquium at the University of Southern California, LA. December 5, 2002.

Applied Mathematics Seminar Lecture at the University of Washington, Seattle, Talk title: " Blood Flow Through Axi-Symmetric Arterial Sections Before and After Endovascular Repair", December 9, 2002.

Applied Mathematics Seminar talk at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, November 1, 2002.

BioMathematics Seminar talk at NC State University, Raleigh, October 31, 2002.

Scientific Computing Seminar at Brown University, September 13, 2002.

Colloquium lecture at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department, September 16, 2002. Talk title: "Two-dimensional Riemann problems arising in transonic flow."

SIAM Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Minisymposium talk: "Modeling Blood flow through the stented abdominal aorta", July 2002.

Conference "Nonlinear Differential Equations, Mechanics and Bifurcation", Duke University, May 2002, Invited lecture: "A model of blood flow through the abdominal aorta after endovascular repair.

Joint AMS and Italian Mathematical Society Meeting, Pisa, Italy, June 2002, Minisymposium talk: "Proving existence of transonic shocks using free boundary problems techniques."

International Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, Wilmington, NC, May 24-27, 2002. Minisymposium talk: "Shock waves in hemodynamics."

International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems, HYP2002, March 2002, California Institute of Technology, Plenary Lecture: "Mixed Hyperbolic-Elliptic Problems arising in two-dimensional Riemann problems."

AMS Annual Meeting in San Diego, January 2001. Minisymposium talk "The two-dimensional wave equation: global Riemann solution with noninteracting rarefaction waves."

SIAM Life Sciences 2001, Boston September 2001. Minisymposium talk: "A model of blood flow through compliant vessels before and after endovascular repair."

Presentation "On the optimal stent design for endovascular repair of AAA", AAA Minisimposium at the conference New Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, at the Houston Medical Center, April 20, 2001.

Joint Mathematics Meetings (AMS) in New Orleans, January 2001, Invited talk in the Special Session on Conservation Laws.

UH Third Annual Research and Scholarship Day. Research presentation: "Stent design for the repair of abdominal aneurysm." April 6, 2001.

UH PDE seminar talk: "A hyperbolic conservation law in modeling blood flow before and after endovascular repair
March 2001.

European Conference on Applied Mathematics and Industrial Flows (AMIF), October 2000, Il Ciocco, Italy: Lecture: "Pulsatile blood flow modeled by a hyperbolic conservation law: When and why the shock waves do not appear?" October 2000.

Oberwolfach Workshop on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Dafermos & LeVeque organizers, October 21-28, 2000, Talk title: "On the Self-Similar Solutions in 2-D Conservation Laws."

Pacific Rym Dynamical Systems Conference (SIAM), August 2000, Minisymposium talk on Nonexistence of Riemann solutions satisfying the viscous profile entropy criterion.

HYP2000: International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems 2000, Feb 28-March 3, 2000, Invited Lecture: "Proving Existence of Transonic Shocks using Free Boundary Problems Techniques."

2000 AMS Southeastern Section Meeting, Lafayette April 14-16, 2000, Invited talk in a Special Session on Fluid Dynamics "Proving Stability of Transonic Shocks and Free Boundary Problems."

Second Croatian Mathematical Congress, Zagreb, June 15-17, 2000, Invited Lecture.

2000 SIAM Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico, July 10-14, 2000, Minisymposium Talk: "Regular Reflection of Weak Shocks."

Pacific Rim Dynamical Systems Conference, Maui, August 9-13, 2000.

Invited talk in the minisymposium on Conservation Laws: traveling waves and other self-similar solutions
Talk title: Nonexistence of Riemann solutions for which shocks satisfy the viscous profile.

University of Houston, PDE Seminar, March 2000. Talk title: "Free Boundary problems in Proving Stability of Transonic Shocks."

University of Houston, Research for Undergraduates Class, April 2000. Talk title: "Research in Applied Mathematics."

1999 AMS Annual Meeting, Atlanta, May 12-15, 1999.  Invited talk in the minisymposium entitled "Boundary value problems for degenerate elliptic equations," Talk title: "On a Degenerate Elliptic Equation Arising in Weak Shock Reflection."

SIAM Geosciences meeting, San Antonio, March 24-27, 1999, Invited talk in the minisymposium entitled "Mathematics of multiphase flow in porous media."