Applications are solicited by undergraduate students interested in research experience in mathematical biology. Priority will be given to students with a strong interest and background in mathematics and in biology. Students in their Junior or Senior years are welcome to apply. A stipend of $6,000/year will be offered to the best qualified candidates.

The areas of focus are

  • Mathematics for cardiovascular interventions (mentors: Prof. Canic, Mathematics, UH, and Prof. Rosenstrauch, M.D. with expertize in molecular biology, the Texas Heart Institute), and
  • Mathematical neuroscience (mentors: Prof. Josic, Mathematics, UH, and Prof. Colbert, Biology, UH).

The students in this program will

  • receive hands-on mathematical research experience by working on projects assigned at the beginning of the program,
  • actively participate in experiments at the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, or participate in experiments and develop numerical models of neurons based on experiments conducted in the Neuroscience Laboratory in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at UH, and
  • take elective courses in Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics that will enhance their interdisciplinary exposure and prepare them for interdisciplinary graduate studies.
Participants will be provided office and computer laboratory space. Contact:

math for cardiovascular interventions:

Suncica Canic (canic@math.uh.edu)
Doreen Rosenstrauch (Doreen.Rosenstrauch@uth.tmc.edu)

mathematical neuroscience:

Krešimir Josic (josic@math.uh.edu)
Costa Colbert (ccolbert@uh.edu)

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Vascular graft inside abdominal aneurysm

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