Cozumel, Mexico

The largest inhabited island in Mexico and the oldest in the Caribbean group, Cozumel is located 12 miles off the eastern coast of the mainland (Yucatan Peninsula.) The limestone plateau that forms the base of the island is 34 miles long (north to south) and 11 miles wide (east to west) and, despite the boom in tourist and residential development in the past few years, continues to have vast expanses of untouched jungle and shoreline. Cozumel... island of vivid flowers and smiling people... Rimmed by shimmering turquoise waters and lush, vibrant reefs... recently voted "best overall destination, best visibility and value and the world's most popular destination" by Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine! Wowse

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This is what we saw (and much more):

EelManta RayCrab
TarponMantaSting RayTurtle
Blue parrotNursing shark

Some family pictures:

First day (pool at the beach)MiaCarribean Sea at 82 deg F
Palancar beach (our beach)Resting in the shadeIsa, Mia and DanielaGirls disco
Mexican girlOur friend Rolando, Daniela and Cuban cigarMayan dancerDeparture