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Tablet Not Working - Blinking Light(s)


28 March 2011 - Recently, many of our tablet users have been complaining that their tablets have stopped working and that the tablets lights start to slowly blink.  We have not been able to determine the exact cause, but we have found a solution!  Luckily, the solution is simple.

1) Log into the Windows laptop without the USB tablet connected and wait for the system to become idle.
2) From the Start Menu, go to Programs and then Apps.  You should see either a Pen Tablet or Bamboo folder and inside that, you should see either the Pen Tablet or Bamboo Preference File Utility.  Click on the Preference File Utility to launch it.  (The difference between Pen Tablet and Bamboo is that Pen Tablet means you have older drivers and Bamboo means you have newer drivers.) StartMenuTabletUtility
3) The Preference File Utility should look similar to the image on the right.  The older Pen Tablet utility will look a little different, but has the same items you need to correct the problem.  Under "My Preferences" and "All User Preferences" there is a Remove button.  Click on the Remove button under "My Preferences" and after a few seconds, the window will close. FileUtility
4) Relaunch the utility and this time, under "All User Preferences", click the Remove button.  Again, after a few seconds, the utility will close.
5) Now you can plug in the tablet and it should not start blinking.  If it still does not work and the light(s) still blink, then you need to contact the   Be sure to explain that you followed the instructions from this page and that the tablet is still not working.
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