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In Fall 2017, our group has Statistics Seminar and Applied Statistics Workshop on every Friday.

When: noon - 1 p.m.       Where: PGH 646 

    Our invited speakers:


Sep. 15: Dr. Jessica Uriarte from the Methodist Hospital will talk about the clinical research projects at the Methodist Hospital in Houston.

Sep. 22: Post-doctoral fellow Andrey Skripnikov will talk about the Joint Estimation of Multiple Network Granger Causal Models via Fused Lasso.

Oct. 6: Prof. Hulin Wu from the Biostatistics and Data Science Department of the UT School of Public Health will talk about the paradigm shift in modeling big data.

Oct. 27: Prof. Xiaoming Huo from the Industrial Engineering of Georgia Tech will talk about Statistically and Numerically Efficient Independence Test.

Nov. 10: A team from working on client service in terms of compliance and others is looking for statistical intern.

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