Gaoyang (Bridget) Fan

Postdoc Fellow | Department of Mathematics

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Houston, working with Krešimir Josić . My current research focuses on developing new mathematical methods to understand how cell-cell communication is impacted by spatial heterogeneity. This work is in close collaboration with the Bennett Lab at Rice University, where relevant experiments are conducted using synthetic biology tools.

Current Research

A quick summary of the onging projects.

Bacterial Quorum Sensing

How do bacteria 'talk' with each other? Understanding bacterial quorum sensing through mathematical modeling.

Noise-induced Network Synchronization

The effect of noisy communication/interaction in biological or social networks.


Fall 2020 MATH 3336 - Discrete Mathematics Instructor of Record
Fall 2019 MATH 7875 - MathBio Journal Club Co-organizer
Spring 2019 MATH 1210 - Calculus I Instructor of Record
Fall 2018 MATH 2280 - Intro to Differential Equations Instructor of Record
Spring 2018 MATH 1180 - Stats for Biologists Lab Instructor
Fall 2017 MATH 1170 - Calculus for Biologists Lab Instructor
Fall 2016 MATH 1080 - PreCalculus Instructor of Record
Spring 2016 MATH 1320 - Engineering Calculus II Lab Instructor
Fall 2015 MATH 1310 - Engineering Calculus I Lab Instructor
Fall 2014 MATH 121Q - College Algebra Instructor of Record

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