Employment History
Associate Professor, University of Houston
EPSRC Research Fellow, University of York
EPSRC Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Visiting researcher, University of Texas at Austin
Research associate, University of York, UK
Instructor, Brandeis University
Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin
Degrees Earned
August 2006
PhD Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin
May 2001
BS Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin
Number theory, dynamical systems, probability theory, tiling theory
Research Funding
PI for NSF grant `Houston Summer School in Dynamical Systems'
PI for EPSRC grant `Gaps theorems and statistics of patterns in quasicrystals', £320K
PI for EPSRC New Directions Award `Diophantine approximation, chromatic number, and equivalence classes of separated nets', £230K
PI for EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship `Circle rotations and their generalisations in Diophantine approximation', £370K
PI for undergraduate research project
PI for Nuffield Undergraduate Research Bursary
Research Fellowship, University of Bristol
RA for EPSRC project grant
Edward Louis and Alice Laidman Dodd Fellowship, UT Austin
Bruton Fellowship, UT Austin
NSF VIGRE support, UT Austin
NSF REU participant, UIUC
Professional Service
Jan 2017
Representative for the London Mathematical Society at an author workshop at the Joint Meetings of the AMS in Atlanta
Editorial board for publications of the London Mathematical Society (Journal, Proceedings, Bulletin, Transactions)
Panel member for National Science Foundation
Panel member for EPSRC
Member of EPSRC peer review college
Courses Taught
University of Houston
Accelerated calculus I and II, modern algebra (graduate course)
University of Bristol
Topological groups (graduate reading course), analytic number theory (graduate course)
University of York
Further number theory, metric number theory, Galois theory
Brandeis University
Analytic number theory (graduate course), complex analysis, rings and fields, calculus of several variables
University of Texas
Number theory, cryptography, discrete math, multivariable calculus, differential and integral calculus, precalculus, mathematics for honors liberal arts students
Research Students and Postdocs
Kayleigh Measures, PhD student
James Walton, PhD, RA
Simon Stead, undergraduate RA
Henna Koivusalo, PhD, RA
Sara Munday, PhD, RA
Matthew Palmer, PhD student
Christopher White, PhD student
Sophie Stevens, undergraduate RA
Eric Latorre Crespo, MSc student
Michael Anastos, undergraduate RA
Sept 2017
Gave math lectures for displaced elementary and middle school students after Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Harvey School at the University of Houston
Feb 2017
Presentation for high school students on the mathematics of origami, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
Jan 2017
Presentation about mathematics at middle school career fair, Fort Settlement Middle School
Mar 2016
Royal Institution Masterclasses, "What is the largest number?" and "How large is infinity?"
Jan 2016
Judge for poster session at the Joint Math Meetings of the AMS
Mar 2015
Interactive presentation about probability theory at weekend math event for primary and secondary school students
Organized and led a bi-weekly problem solving course for high school students from around York
Nov 2014
Public lecture for York University Math Society on "Constructibility, solvability, and origami"
Recent and Upcoming Talks, Conferences, and Research Visits
Feb 2018
Invited speaker, Rice Undergraduate Colloquium, Rice University
Jan 2018
Joint Meetings of the AMS, Special Session in Honor of Jeffrey Vaaler, San Diego, CA
Dec 2017
Tiling and Recurrence, CIRM Luminy, France
Oct 2017
Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematical Quasicrystals, Oberwolfach, Germany
Sept 2017
Colloquium, Rice University
July 2017
Invited speaker, Diophantine Approximation and Dynamical Systems, Wuhan, China
July 2017
Invited speaker, Number Theory Seminar, Seoul National University, South Korea
June 2017
Invited speaker, Number Theory and Dynamics, Muuido, South Korea
Mar 2017
Colloquium, Claremont McKenna and surrounding universities
Mar 2017
Invited speaker, Algebra, Number Theory, and Combinatorics Seminar, Claremont McKenna and surrounding universities
Mar 2017
Invited speaker, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Seminar, Rice University
Feb 2017
Colloquium, University of North Texas
Feb 2017
Colloquium, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Nov 2016
Invited speaker, Groups and Dynamics Seminar, Texas A&M University
Nov 2016
Invited speaker, Number Theory Seminar, Oklahoma State University
July 2016
Invited speaker, Korean Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea
June 2016
Invited speaker, Summer School on Fractal Geometry and Complex Dynamics, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
June 2016
Invited speaker, University of Bielefeld, Germany
June 2016
Invited speaker, Transversal Aspects of Tilings, Oleron, France
Apr 2016
Diophantische Approximationen, Oberwolfach, Germany
Apr 2016
Invited speaker, Renormalization in Dynamics, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
Jan 2016
Invited speaker, AMS National Meeting, Special Session on Problems in Geometry and Design of Materials, Seattle, Washington
Oct 2015
Invited speaker, Automatic Sequences, Number Theory, Aperiodic Order, Delft, Netherlands
Oct 2015
Colloquium, University of Bremen, Germany
Oct 2015
Organizer, Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Mathematical Quasicrystals, Oberwolfach, Germany
Sept 2015
Invited speaker, Number Theory Down Under, Newcastle, Australia
Sept 2015
Colloquium, University of Newcastle, Australia
July 2015
Diophantine Approximation and Related Topics, Aarhus, Denmark
June 2015
Invited speaker, 30th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Galway, Ireland
June 2015
Invited speaker, 18th Galway Topology Colloquium, Galway, Ireland
May 2015
Colloquium, TATA Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
May 2015
Invited speaker, Symposium on Topological Dynamics and Applications, 30th Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, Mohali, India
Feb 2015
Invited speaker, Number Theory Seminar, Durham University
Feb 2015
Invited speaker, Geometry Seminar, University of Michigan
Jan 2015
Invited speaker, Workshop on Aperiodic Order, Leicester University
June 2014
Joint meetings of the AMS and IMU, Israel
June 2014
Invited speaker, Dynamics Seminar, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
Apr 2014
Invited speaker, British Mathematical Colloquium, Queen Mary University
Mar 2014
Invited speaker, Open Statistical Physics Conference, Open University
Feb 2014
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Feb 2014
Invited speaker, Dynamics Seminar, Bristol University
Feb 2014
Invited speaker, Number Theory Seminar, Royal Holloway University
Jan 2014
Invited speaker, Warwick-Keio Conference in Ergodic Theory, University of Warwick
Nov 2013
Invited speaker, Pure Math Seminar, Maynooth University, Ireland
June 2013
Invited speaker, Number Theory Seminar, Durham University
Apr 2013
Organizer, Advances in Number Theory and Dynamical Systems, University of Bristol
Dec 2012
Invited speaker, Pure Math Seminar, Leicester University
Nov 2012
Invited speaker, Number Theory Seminar, Oxford University
Sep 2012
Invited speaker, Pure Math Seminar, University of East Anglia
May 2012
Invited speaker, Ergodic Theory Workshop, University of Surrey