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The Houston Journal of Mathematics appears quarterly and publishes original research papers on mathematical topics.
It welcomes contributions that develop interesting, or important, new mathematical ideas and results, or solve outstanding problems.
All papers are refereed for correctness and suitability for publication. Contributed papers should be written in good English. Authors should provide a short running head, and a 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification of the article. Titles should avoid the use of mathematical symbols. An abstract is recommended. If there is no abstract, the main results of the paper should be outlined in the first section.

Citations should be given explicitly with page, or theorem numbers listed. References may be numbered, or abbreviations based on the authors' names can be used. A copy of any unpublished work that is referenced in a paper should be provided for use by the referees.

Submissions should be  sent electronically as a PDF file to a  member of the editorial board closest to the authors' field.  The paper must  include a postal address as well as an e-mail address.  Submissions are accepted with the understanding that the article is the original work of the authors and that the same, or a substantially similar paper, has not been published, nor is under consideration for publication, in another journal.

For accepted papers, HJM requires for further processing a properly prepared LaTeX 2ε file. The LaTeX file must include all graphics as electronic  files.
Please, find more details about our LaTeX requirements at Tips for Preparing the Final Version of Accepted Papers. HJM needs also an abstract that meets our standards for WEB posting. For details, please go to Tips for the WEB Abstract of Accepted papers .

Copyright for published papers will belong to the Houston Journal of Mathematics

Authors will receive free of charge the final .PDF file; offprints can be ordered for a nominal charge.  The Journal requests page charges for published articles but this will be waived when there is  no  institutional support available. If the authors' library does not subscribe to our journal, then HJM expects that authors make a serious effort to convince the subject librarian to subscribe to our journal.

Further questions and correspondence may be sent to the Managing Editor at

Houston Journal of Mathematics
651 Phillip G. Hoffman Hall 
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-3008

Electronic mail may be sent to

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