Editors and Their Fields

All editors prefer electronic submissions. You should email  your paper as a PDF file directly to the most appropriate editor.

David Bao   dbao@sfsu.edu
Geometry (Finsler geometry)

Shiferaw Berhanu shiferaw.berhanu@temple.edu
Partial Differential Equations and Complex Analysis

David Blecher dblecher@math.uh.edu
Linear Analysis (operator algebras)

Bernhard G. Bodmann  bgb@math.uh.edu
Linear Analysis (frame theory, harmonic analysis, mathematical physics)

Haïm Brezis brezis@ccr.jussieu.fr
Non-Linear Analysis, PDE's

Bernard Dacorogna bernard.dacorogna@epfl.ch, http://caa.epfl.ch/
Applied Analysis, PDE's, Calculus of Variations

Mai Gehrke mgehrke@unice.fr,   https://math.unice.fr/~mgehrke/
 Algebra (universal algebra, algebra for logic and computer science)

Robert M. Hardt  hardt@math.rice.edu
Geometry, Linear Analysis

Shelly Harvey  shelly@rice.edu
Topology (low-dimensional topology and geometry, group theory, non-commutative algebra)

Yasunao Hattori hattori@riko.shimane-u.ac.jp
Topology (set-theoretic and geometric topology)

Alan Haynes haynes@math.uh.edu
Dynamical Systems (topological dynamics, ergodicity, aperiodic order),
Number Theory
(analytic number theory, Diophantine approximation)

William B. Johnson johnson@math.tamu.edu , http://www.math.tamu.edu/~bill.johnson/
Linear Analysis (geometry of Banach spaces, convex geometry, asymptotic geometric analysis),
Non-Linear Analysis
(non-linear geometry of Banach spaces, metric space geometry)

Henna Koivusalo henna.koivusalo@bristol.ac.uk  , https://people.maths.bris.ac.uk/~te20281/index.html
Dynamical Systems (ergodic theory, recurrence, aperiodic order),
Geometric Measure Theory
(fractal geometry, dimension theory)

Marcus Marsh mmarsh@csus.edu

Maurice Rojas  rojas@math.tamu.edu 
Algebraic Geometry (algorithmic, numerical, toric, and tropical),
Number Theory
(computational and p-adic methods), Polyhedral Combinatorics

Min Ru minru@math.uh.edu
Geometry, Complex variables

Stephen W. Semmes semmes@rice.edu
Linear Analysis (harmonic analysis), Geometry

Dirk Werner werner@math.fu-berlin.de
Linear Analysis (functional analysis, Banach space theory)