Graduate Student Seminar and other Events

Spring 2018

January 19, 2-3 "CACDS classes, the High Performance Computing Certification, and HPC", Dr. Martin Huarte-Espinosa, CACDS

March 23, 2-3 "Fellowships and Scholarships for Graduate Students", Dr. Ben Rayder, Director, National Fellowships and Major Awards, The Honors College, University of Houston

Other Resources

Slides from the Presentation for new graduate students

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    Advisor Selection Form

    Advisor Form

    Course Selection Form

    Pelase fill out the course selection form so that we can avoid conflicts when scheduling your TA assignment. Course Selection Form

    UH Math Mailserver

    Once you have your UH Math account, you can check your email Math Dept Mailserver

    Updating Your Profile on Math Dept Webpage

    To update our webpage (list of graduate students) please do the following (in any order) -
    1. Once you have your UH Math email id and room assignment, please email this information (NOT THE PASSWORD!!) to Tai McAllister
    2. Please make an appointment with Tai McAllister by email so that your picture can be taken for our website.

    Office Assignments

    Office Assignments

    New Students - you also can get a key for the printer room 644.

    All questions about office assignment should be directed to Dr. Ilya Timofeyev and graduate advisor Neha Valji.
    Please notify Neha Valji is you switch ofices.