Prelim Exam Fall 2021

Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis - August 16, 10-1, PGH 646
Stats - August 19, 10-1, PGH 646

Real Variables - September, date and time - TBD
Algebra - September, Date and time - TBD

Dates and Time

New TA Training: August 13 10am (zoom); zoom link will be sent separately

  • ISSSO Orientation - August 18 and 19 (have to register on ISSSO website)
  • UH Grad School Webinar August 17 9am or 1:30pm

    New Students

    Covid guidelines

    International Students - ISSSO Info

    Slides from the Presentation for new graduate students for Fall 2021
  • July 2021 PhD Orientation Slides
  • July 2021 PhD Orientation Video Recording

    2019 PhD Handbook


    APR Form

    If you're doing a presentation for your APR, you can use this Simple Latex script which generates APR frontpage

    Dissertation and APE template

    If you're doing a written APR - APE and Thesis Template archive

    Submitting CPT (Internship) Form for Summer Internship

    If you are an international student, then in order to work as an intern you need to submit a CPT form. NSM will check that you're registered for Fall classes before. Therefore, submit the following 3 items

    1. Offer Letter from the company stating starting and end dates,
    2. CPT form,
    3. Verification (screen printout is ok) that youre registered for Fall classes.

    All signatures should NOT older than 30 days. The best time to submit the CPT form is the beginning of April. It takes approximately 2-4 weeks for approval if your package is complete.

    New Thesis Guidelines

    The Graduate School and College introduced new rules for thesis formatting and submission. Please see below -

    The Graduate School and College have introduced some major changes to the thesis/dissertation formatting and submission process, effective Fall 2019. We have posted new instructions on the NSM website.

    I encourage all of you who will have students graduating in the near future to familiarize yourself with these documents. To summarize the changes:

    1) We now have 3 readers to review the theses/dissertations submitted to NSM. The theses/dissertations are assigned to the readers by departments: Bill Widger: Biology/Biochemistry and Chemistry, Ernst Leiss: Computer Science and Math, John Miller: Physics and EAS

    2) The students will have the opportunity to meet with the readers to discuss corrections; the readers may also request to see the students.

    3) The deadline for submission has been moved up by a few days, to give more time to the students to make corrections, and see the readers, if needed. Deadlines are posted on the NSM website.

    4) There will no longer be a signature page that is part of the thesis/dissertation. Instead, students will need to collect the signatures (and approval) of their committee on a separate form, designed by the Graduate School, which will be imaged to the Graduate School for record keeping once the Dean/Associate Dean has also signed the form after College approval. The approval form with the committee members' signatures will need to be submitted to NSM along with the thesis/dissertation. Acceptable signatures will be: actual signatures, electronic signatures within Adobe, imaged signatures.

    5) Students will have to follow the Graduate School template for the front matter of their thesis/dissertation (which includes title page, acknowledgments, abstract, table of contents, list of tables and list of figures). The template of the front matter is available on the NSM website.

    6) All corrections/changes requested by the committee and/or advisor need to have been made in the thesis/dissertation prior to submission to NSM. Once uploaded to the Texas Digital Library and approved, the documents may not be changed. The Graduate School will strictly enforce this.


    Submitting Graduate FAFSA

    Graduate General Petition (PDF)

    UH Math Computer Account Form

    Using Computing Resources

    Slides from the talk
    Wiki Page created by the research group of Dr. Josic

    Taking Courses at Rice

    PhD students can take cources at Rice Univ., Texas Medical Branch, UT Health, etc. To do this -
    1. PhD student must have a thesis advisor; this request is initiated by the student's thesis advisor
    2. Thesis Advisor (or student themself) should contact the faculty at the other inititution and receive an informal agreement that the student can attend the class
    3. Advisor has to email the Grad Director (UH Math Dept) a short support letter stating that this class is important for student's research and this class is NOT offered at UH
    4. Student has to fill out the Inter-Institutional Form and submit this form to the Graduate Director in the UH Math Dept.

    Office Assignment Fall 2019

    Office Assignments

    All questions about office assignment should be directed to Dr. Ilya Timofeyev and graduate advisor Ms. Neha Valji.
    Please notify Ms. Neha Valji if you want to switch office.

    Other Resources

    Dissertation and APE template

    APE and Thesis Template archive

    APR Form

    Simple Latex script which generates APR frontpage

    You can use \usepackage{mathapr} to compile the Annual Evaluation in written form or you can use \usepackage{uhthesis} to compile your dissertation. There are examples how to use figures, tables, references, bibliography, etc.
    If you're doing a presentation for your Annual Evaluation, please compile the first page and give it to the committee members to sign.

    Slides from the Presentation for new graduate students

  • PhD Orientation
  • PhD Teaching

  • MS Orientation

    Advisor Selection Form

    Advisor Form

    Fellowships and Scholarships

    US Residents
    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
    NSF AGEP for minorities
    NASA Summer Internship
    Soros Fellowship for New Americans
    Ford Fellowship
    National Defense Graduate Fellowship
    DOE Computational Science Fellowship

    All Students
    NSF Summer Internship Program
    AMS Travel Fellowship

    UH Math Computer account and Mailserver

    To login into any desktops in the Math Dept (6th floor, PGH) you need to have a Math UH account. This account will also give you access to Math UH computational machines and Math UH email.

    All PhD students in the department are eligible to request a Math UH computer account. Master students should obtain an approval from the Director of Graduate Studies first.

    To obtain the Math UH account, please fill-out the Account Application Form (both sides) and submit it to the Director of Graduate Studies (please put it in my mailbox).