Using Computing Resources

Slides from the talk

Prelim Exam Schedule

Thursday January 10, 10am-1pm Room 646 PGH - Probability, Modern Algebra, Optimization
Friday January 11, 10am-1pm, Room 646 PGH - Topology, Complex Analysis

Useful Links

Submitting Graduate FAFSA

Taking Cources at Rice

PhD students can take cources at Rice Univ., Texas Medical Branch, UT Health, etc. To do this -
1. PhD student must have a thesis advisor; this request is initiated by the student's thesis advisor
2. Thesis Advisor (or student themself) should contact the faculty at the other inititution and receive an informal agreement that the student can attend the class
3. Advisor has to email the Grad Director (UH Math Dept) a short support letter stating that this class is important for student's research and this class is NOT offered at UH
4. Student has to fill out the Inter-Institutional Form and submit this form to the Graduate Director in the UH Math Dept.

Office Assignment Fall 2019

Office Assignments

All questions about office assignment should be directed to Dr. Ilya Timofeyev and graduate advisor Ms. Neha Valji.
Please notify Ms. Neha Valji if you want to switch office.

Graduate Student Seminar Fall 2018

All seminars are in PGH 646, unless announced otherwise.

September 14, 2-3 "Graduate Students Benefits Orientation"
September 28, 2-3 "Using Computing Resources"

Other Resources

Dissertation and APE template

APE and Thesis Template archive

You can use \usepackage{mathapr} to compile the Annual Evaluation in written form or you can use \usepackage{uhthesis} to compile your dissertation. There are examples how to use figures, tables, references, bibliography, etc.
If you're doing a presentation for your Annual Evaluation, please compile the first page and give it to the committee members to sign.

Slides from the Presentation for new graduate students

  • PhD Orientation
  • PhD Teaching

  • MS Orientation

    Advisor Selection Form

    Advisor Form

    Course Selection Form

    Pelase fill out the course selection form so that we can avoid conflicts when scheduling your TA assignment. Course Selection Form

    Fellowships and Scholarships

    US Residents
    NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
    NSF AGEP for minorities
    NASA Summer Internship
    Soros Fellowship for New Americans
    Ford Fellowship
    National Defense Graduate Fellowship
    DOE Computational Science Fellowship

    All Students
    NSF Summer Internship Program
    AMS Travel Fellowship

    UH Math Computer account and Mailserver

    To login into any desktops in the Math Dept (6th floor, PGH) you need to have a Math UH account. This account will also give you access to Math UH computational machines and Math UH email.

    All PhD students in the department are eligible to request a Math UH computer account. Master students should obtain an approval from the Director of Graduate Studies first.

    To obtain the Math UH account, please fill-out the Account Application Form (both sides) and submit it to the Director of Graduate Studies (please put it in my mailbox).

    Once you have your UH Math account, you can check your email Math Dept Mailserver