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Jennifer Marsala

Instructional Designer
University of Houston Department of Mathematics

Current and Past Projects:

Math 2312, Precalculus (previously named Math 1330)
Math 1314, College Algebra (previously named Math 1310)
Math 1324, Finite Math with Applications (previously named Math 1313)
Math 1300, Fundamentals of Mathematics
Math 2303, Concepts in Algebra
(Currently writing Math 1351, Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning)

Created over 20 online quizzes based around the TExES 4-8 Mathematics Competencies, covering a wide range of mathematical topics and concepts. Useful for Texas educators preparing for the TExES 4-8 Mathematics Exam, and educators everywhere who are preparing for other math-based certification exams. Manage the TExES 4-8 Mathematics Preparation online course, assist students with course registration and technical difficulties, monitor and participate in the discussion board.

The following Geometry contest exams are posted online:
2006 Exam
2008 Exam
2009 Exam
2011 Exam
2012 Exam
2013 Exam
2014 Exam
2015 Exam
2016 Exam
2017 Exam
2018 Exam
2019 Exam
2020 Exam
2021 Exam
2022 Exam