Professor Jeff Morgan
Department of Mathematics
University of Houston


Fall 2019: Online Math 4339 and Online Math 5385. After August 16, create an account at, and select your course.


Previous Semesters: Math 1431 (Calculus I), Math 1432 (Calculus II), Online Math 3321 (Engineering Math), 2331, 4364, 4377, 5341, 5344, 6308, ...


Projects and Positions:

  • Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Technology at UH - since May 2013.
  • Director of the Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA) - since Spring 2004. CASA offers face-to-face mathematics tutoring, online discussion board help, online assessments, electronic poppers, and secure computerized testing.
  • Chair, Department of Mathematics - Fall 2003 to Summer 2013.
  • Training Future Teachers - Co-PI and Co-Director of the teachHOUSTON program - since spring 2007.
  • High School Mathematics Contest – Co-Director of the annual contest at the University of Houston, funded by the College of Natural Science and Mathematics and the Department of Mathematics.


Research Interests: Chemical reaction-diffusion systems and mathematical biology.

Selected Work from 2016 to present:

·         Uniform-in-time bounds for quadratic reaction-diffusion systems with mass dissipation in higher dimensions, with Klemens Fellner and Bao Quoc Tang, accepted fall 2019, to appear in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series S.

·         Global classical solutions to quadratic systems with mass control in arbitrary dimensions, with Klemens Fellner and Bao Quoc Tang, accepted fall 2019, to appear in Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré.

·         Spatial Models of Vector-Host Epidemics with Directed Movement of Vectors Over Long Distances, with W.E. Fitzgibbon, G.F. Webb and Y. Wu, 2019, Mathematical biosciences 312, 77-87.

·         Uniform boundedness for reaction-diffusion systems with mass dissipation, with B.P. Cupps and Bao Quoc Trang, submitted.

·         Global existence of solutions to volume-surface reaction diffusion systems with dynamic boundary conditions, with V. Sharma, submitted.

·         Analysis of a Reaction Diffusion Model for a Reservoir Supported Spread of Infectious Disease, with W.E. Fitzgibbon, accepted summer 2019, to appear in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems.

·         A Vector-Host Epidemic Model with Spatial Structure and Age of Infection, with W.E. Fitzgibbon, G.F. Webb and Y. Wu, 2018, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 41, 692-705.

·         An Outbreak Vector-host Epidemic Model with Spatial Structure: The 2015 Zika Outbreak in Rio de Janeiro, with W.E. Fitzgibbon and G.F. Webb, 2017, Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 14 (1), 7.

·         Uniform Bounds for Solutions to Volume-Surface Reaction Diffusion Systems, with V. Sharma, 2017, Differential and Integral Equations 30 (5/6), 423-442.

·         Global Existence of Solutions to Reaction Diffusion Systems with Mass Transport Type Boundary Conditions, with V. Sharma, 2016, SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 48 (6), 4202-4240.