Dear Graduate Students:

If you are already familiar with the necessary techniques for creating a homepage, then simply go ahead and create your homepage and let me know so that I can link it to our graduate student list. If you have no knowledge regarding web page creation, or would simply like to work from our examples, the following is provided as a simple tutorial.

Step 1. Choose a sample (click to see a fancier Sample 1 or a simple Sample 2 here). Then click and copy the Sample1 or Sample2 coding and save it as a file with the filename "index.html".

Step 2. Move this file into the directory ".www". Such hidden directory exists already.

Step 3. Edit the file. Put in your information such as name, classes, etc., or change or add information. You can see your own homepage by going to

Step 4. E-mail to me ( and I will link your homepgae to the graduate student list.

Note: To make your homepage file "readable for the world", you may have to execute the command:

 chmod a+r ~/.www/index.html

Mr. Trung Nguyen has also been kind enough to provide some further instruction about how to create a homepage. You may click here to see his instruction and seek help from him by sending email to "" or meet with him at room 678PGH.

Click here to find more information on Web Site Design from Professor Andrew Török's homepage. You may also seek help from Professor Andrew Török.


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