Math 3321 - Online
Section 15894

Instructor: Dr. Jeff Morgan, 651 PGH, 713-743-3455,

Office Hours: By appointment.

Course Homepage:

Text: Available online at .

Access Codes: You must purchase an Access Code from the UC Book Store to access the online text, videos, EMCFs and quizzes. After you purchase the Access Code, log into and enter your code. The Deadline is Thursday June 8th. Note that you have an online quiz due on Friday.

Online Live Class Meetings: There will one online live class meeting each week. Students are encouraged to attend. Electronic questions will be asked in these online sessions, and students can earn credit for attending these sessions by successfully answering at least 60% of the questions correctly. Students who do NOT receive credit for attending the online live meeting can earn credit by completing an additional assignment that will be listed on the homework page. The online meetings will be held from 4-6pm on Thursday. Much of the weekly material will be discussed and example problems will be worked. Students are expected to spend additional time reading the textbook and watching posted videos. The link to the online meetings will appear on the course homepage by the middle of the first week. All of the online meetings will be recorded, and the videos will be posted on the course homepage.

Homework: Written homework will be given most weeks, with the due dates noted on the course calendar. Students will submit their written homework by scanning and uploading their work to CourseWare. Instructions will be given.

Daily Grades: Daily grades will be given in the online live sessions beginning the first week of class. During that time, students will log into CourseWare and answer questions using an online EMCF.  The EMCF will also be used for electronic homework. As stated above, if a student cannot attend the online session, then they can complete an alternate assignment for their daily grade.

Online Quizzes: Regular online quizzes will be due during the semester. Check the course calendar page for due dates. You can attempt each of these quizzes up to 19 times. The highest grade will be used for your score. You can access the quizzes by logging into CourseWare after June 3rd.

Exams: A proctored midterm and final exam will be given on the UH campus. The dates and times of the exams will be announced later in the semester.


Online Quizzes - 15%
Daily Grades - 10%
Homework - 10%
Midterm - 30%
Final Exam - 35%
90% and above - A
at least 80% and below 90%- B
at least 70% and below 80% - C
at least 60% and below 70% - D
below 60% - F

Whenever possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, we will attempt to provide reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them.