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Many undergraduate Mathematics courses will be using CourseWare for online electronic assignments, testing, discussion board help and dissemination of a portion of the course material.


· How will I set up my CourseWare Account?

Create your CourseWare account at This is the main entry page for CourseWare. New Users are prompted to “Click Here to Register”. Even if you had an account on CourseWare in past semesters, you might need to register again. You must have a valid working email address to obtain your account.

Notes: If you register late, it could take up to 3 working days AFTER you register for a class for CourseWare to get the information from the University that will allow you to create your account and access the class. Times can vary.

· How can I get help with CourseWare technical issues?

Your instructor cannot help you with CourseWare technical issues. If you have any trouble accessing your account, or any other technical problems with CourseWare, please use the Tech Support link at to request assistance.

· Where do I find my CourseWare Math course?

Once you have your CourseWare ID, go to Enter your Login ID and Password. Remember it is case sensitive. Once you have logged on, a link to your Math class will appear. If you are enrolled in more than one Math class using CourseWare, then separate links will appear for each course.

· How will I use CourseWare in my Math class?

You will be required to obtain a CourseWare account during Week One of the semester. Some students will be required to complete online homework assignments (or quizzes) through CourseWare beginning with Week Two or Three (check your syllabus) and continuing through the remaining weeks of the semester. Your online Weekly Homework/Quizzes will be automatically graded as soon as you submit your assignment. There is also a Gradebook and a Scheduler within CourseWare. Your Gradebook will be updated periodically with your course grades. If your instructor is using the CASA Testing center to administer your exams, then you will be required to use the Scheduler to obtain a testing time. Once you have scheduled, you can reschedule at any time during the availability of the exam. If you have not scheduled by the midnight prior to the beginning of the exam period, then you will be auto-scheduled at a potentially inconvenient time.  Depending upon your class, you might also find links to help materials and your online text. See your course syllabus for additional information.

· Is the Discussion Board on CourseWare monitored?

Yes! The Discussion Board is monitored by teaching assistants who will try to help you with your questions. Warning: Any offensive or inappropriate posts to the discussion board will result in disciplinary action.