Article on Social Decision Making in PRL

August 01, 2021

Last year we published an article in Physical Review Letters on a simple model
of social decision making. We studied a network of agents who can observer only each other’s decisions, but not the evidence that led to it, and showed that a heterogeneous collection of agents often makes better decisions.

Here is a nice discussion of the results by Richard Blythe with a link to the paper.

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Recent graduates from the Josić group

May 01, 2021

Congratulations to former group member Alan Akil on graduating.
Kate Nguyen graduated in 2020, and is currently a postdoc at the German Primate Center
at Göttingen.

In 2020 we also said good-bye to postdoc Bhargav Karamched who started as an
assistant professor at Florida State University.

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Several New Papers

May 10, 2017

A number of new papers from my group, and different collaborations
that came out over the last 6 months or so.

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