Several New Papers

May 10, 2017

  1. G. Ocker, Y. Hu, B. Doiron, R. Rosenbaum, K. Josić, M. Buice, E. Shea-Brown. “From the statistics of connectivity to the statistics of spike times in neuronal networks.” Submitted (2017).

  2. J. Winkle, O. Igoshin, M. Bennett, K. Josić, W. Ott. “Modeling mechanical interactions in growing populations of rod-shaped bacteria.” Submitted (2017).

  3. G. Ocker, K. Josić, E. Shea-Brown, M. A. Buice. “Linking structure and activity in nonlinear spiking networks.” Submitted (2017).

  4. S. Stolarczyk, M. Bhardwaj, K.E. Basler, W. J. Ma, K. Josić. “Loss of information in feedforward social networks.” Submitted (2017).

  5. M. Sadeghpour, A. Veliz-Cuba, G. Orosz, K. Josić, M. Bennett. “Bistability and oscillations in co-repressive synthetic microbial consortia.” Quantitative Biology 5:1, p. 55 (2017).

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