Mikhail Perepelitsa
Associate Professor


University of Houston

Department of Mathematics


Office: PGH 621

e-mail: misha AT math uh edu

phone: 713 7433484
fax:      713 7433505



Research interests:  Analysis of PDEs, Stochastic Processes, Applied Mathematics

Teaching Spring 2019: Linear Algebra (2331)


Education: PhD, Northwestern University (2004); BS/MS, Novosibirsk State University (1996/1998)


Book Chapters:


Topic on Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations, Ed. D. Bresch, Panoramas and Syntheses 50, Societe Mathematique de France, 2016

Weak solutions in the intermediate regularity class, Handbook of Mathematical Analysis in Mechanics of Viscous Fluids, Ed. Y. Giga and A. Novotny, Springer, 2017

Selected Publications and Preprints:


(with I. Timofeev) Asynchronous stochastic price pump.


A kinetic transport-projection splitting algorithm for a hierarchy of moment closures of gas-kinetic equations.

An integral representation of lower semi-continuous functions with an application to a kinetic model of gas dynamics.

A kinetic formulation for approximately isentropic solutions of the Euler equations.

On a kinetic formulation of the Euler equations.

with G.-Q. Chen) Vanishing Viscosity Solutions of the compressible Euler equations with spherical symmetry and large data.

Variational properties of the kinetic solutions of scalar conservation laws.

with G.-Q. Chen)  Vanishing viscosity limit for viscous shallow water models.

with D. Hoff) Boundary tangency for density interfaces in compressible, viscous flows.

with D. Hoff) Instantaneous cusp formation and boundary tangancy in two-dimensional fluid flow.

with V.V. Shelukhin) On global solutions of a boundary-value problem for the one-dimensional Buckley-Leverett equations.

advisor A.V. Kazhikov) Weak solutions of scalar conservation laws in Orlich spaces, MS in Math Thesis, Novosibirsk State U. (in russian).