Mikhail Perepelitsa

Associate Professor                                Department of Mathematics                             University of Houston


Contact information:

Office: PGH 621

e-mail: misha AT math uh edu

phone: 7137433484
fax: 7137433505



Research Interests:


Analysis of PDEs of Continuum Mechanics and Biology: quasi-linear conservation laws, equations of gas dynamics, the Navier-Stokes equations, reaction-diffusion equations in hESCs modeling


Multi-Agent Systems: non-cooperative game theory, learning algorithms, models for biological and cultural evolution, speculative market models,  self-organized slime cell behavior


Mathematical Psychology: decision making under uncertainty



PDE seminar at UH (link to scheduled talks for the current semester)



Graduate Students:


Prajakta Bedekar, Ph.D. Fall 2020

Michael Batista




MATH 2331: Linear Algebra, MATH 3363: Intro to PDEs (use UH Blackboard service to access class webpages)