Math 1313 - Section 11281

Moses Sosa



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6/2:  This course does NOT use Blackboard to post notes or assignments. This course uses Courseware(CASA), so you will need to purchase an access code from the UH Bookstore. Please purchase this as soon as possible. The deadline to have the code is posted on CASA once you log in.

The first exam is available online starting the first day(6/4). This a prerequisite exam to make sure you have the necessary background. Yes this exam is a grade. Since the exam is online you can take it where ever you like it is online. You have ONLY 2 attempts on this exam.

There is also a practice exam to help you prepare for it. The practice exam is extra credit towards the exam itself, more specifically 10% of the score will be added. You have 20 attempts for the practice exam , with the highest score being kept.

The quizzes will be opening throught the semester. Your highest score will be recorded and you have up to 20 attempts on each quiz.

All notes and vital information will be posted on your CASA Account. Again, we do not post on Blackboard. 

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