Workshop on UH Seal
Advances in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
on Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Ronald H.W. Hoppe           

University of Houston, April 15-16, 2011       

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Ronald Hoppe
     Join us to celebrate 60th birthday of Prof. Ronald H.W. Hoppe.     
Prof. Hoppe has made significant contribution in the field of
numerical partial differential equations and optimization. His main
 focus has been multigrid methods, adaptive finite element methods
(continuous and discontinuous galerkin) and optimal control
problems with applications to some of the most challenging real
life problems including microfluidic biochips, electrorheological fluids
and many more.


The workshop will be held at University of Houston in 232 Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall (PGH).

Invited Speakers


Accommodation: Hilton University of Houston

Visitor Parking: UH Parking Garage

Organizing Committee

Harbir Antil                (University of Maryland)          email:
Yuri Kuznetsov           (University of Houston)
Jeff Morgan               (University of Houston)
Tsorng-Whay Pan      (University of Houston)