Professor of Mathematics, University of Houston, USA
Emeritus Professor, Ecole Normale Superieure , France

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Mathematics and Biosciences

Genomics and Proteomics
- Microarray Data : Sparse Modeling of Genes Interactions Networks         
- MicroRNAs Expression Data :  Impact on Cancer Survival   Rates                                                        
- Proteomic Mass Spectra  : Discovery of Discriminating Signatures

Bacterial Genetic Evolution : Stochastic Models
- Genetic Evolution with Periodic Selection : Large Deviations                                                                
- Most Likely Evolution Paths in Fitness Landscape
- Model Fitting to Bacterial Evolution Data

Medical Imaging
: 3D- EchoCardiography Analysis
- Patient Specific Dynamic Modeling of Mitral Valves                                                                                    
- Patient Specific Strain Distribution on Mitral Leaflets   

Mathematics and 3D-Image analysis

Soft Shapes in R3                                                                                                                                 
- Diffeomorphic Matching and  NonLinear Optimal Control
- Soft Shapes Dynamics : Extraction from 3D-Image Sequences                                                      
- Shapes Distances Invariant by Diffeomorphisms

- Textures                                                                                                                                              
- Multi-Resolution by Rotation Covariant Steerlets                                                                                        
- Rotation Invariant Distances between Textures

Highly Collimated X-Ray data
- New ROI-Reconstruction Algorithms                                                                                                     
- Critical Radius for Region of Interest Collimation

Probability and Statistics

Stochastic Differential Equations :
- Small Perturbations of Delayed ODEs : Large Deviations
- Sub-Sampled Estimators of SDE Parameters from Approximate Data

Data Mining and Automatic Learning

- Kernel Based Clustering and Automatic Learning
- Multi Factors Causality analysis

Mathematical Finance
- Online Performance Monitoring for Algorithmic Trading                                                                                
- Option Pricing : Impact of  Heston SDEs Modeling Errors                                                                   
- Heston SDE Fitting to Realized Volatility Data