I. Personal Data

Date and place of birth:                                 10.04.1951 in Nordhorn (District Graf. Bentheim)
Parents:                                                         Willibald Hoppe, Steuerrat
                                                                     and Hilde, born Horstmeier
Marital Status:                                               widowed
Nationality:                                                    German  

II. Education

1957-1961                                                   Elementary School in Bad Bentheim
1961-1963                                                   Gymnasium Nordhorn
1963-1969                                                   Gymnasium Bad Bentheim  

III. Academic Education

1969-1975                                                  Study of Mathematics with secondary subject Physics
                                                                    at Techn. University of Berlin

IV. Examinations and Titles

1969                                                             Abitur
1975                                                             Diploma in Mathematics
1979                                                             Doctoral Thesis
1986                                                             Habilitation

V. Employment

1971-1975                                                     Assistant teacher at the Dep. of Math. at TU Berlin
1975-1980                                                     Scientific Assistant at the Dep. of Math. at TU Berlin
1980-1981                                                     Research Assistant Professor at the
                                                                      Courant Institute of Math. Sciences, New York, N.Y..
1981-1983                                                     DFG Reseaxch Grant
                                                                      (Research stays (among others:)
                                                                      as Visiting Research Member at the
                                                                      Mathematics Research Center, Madison, Wisconsin)
1982-1988                                                     Academic Assistant at the Dep. of Math. at TU Berlin
1988-1989                                                     Academic Fellow at the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin
1989-1990                                                     Associate Professor at the University of Linköping, Sweden.
1990-1994                                                     C3-Professorship at the Mathematical Institute, TU Munich
1995-                                                             C4-Professorship at the Faculty of Mathematics
                                                                      and Natural Sciences, University of Augsburg.

2002-                                                            Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Houston

IV. Languages

Native Language                                            German

Foreign Languages                                         English, French