Projects for Computational Electromagnetics

In this course two computational projects are offered: eddy currents computation and boundary elements for exterior domain problems. To pass this course an active participation in one of the projects is necessary.

Eddy currents

The represent the quasi-stationary limit of Maxwell's equations and describe the low frequency regime characterized by slowly time varying processes in conductive media. In this project some simple problems on simple geometries have to be implemented and solved with the program UG (Unstructured Grids). More information about the project can be found in Poject1-Part1.pdf.
Information about UG can be found on the UG homepage. Some other useful information can be found at Peter Bastian's web page for his course "Modelling and Simulation of Transport Processes in Porous Media".


Modified version of UG
New Maxwell module for UG
Changes for .bashrc file
Changes for .cshrc file
Latest changes for the folder appl (11/10/03). This files include a new script file with the solvers.
Latest changes for the folder pclib (11/10/03). This files include a routine for the calculation of the errors in l2 and Hcurl norm. Be careful when you extract the file, since it contains a Problems3D.c file and could overwrite your own Problems3D.c file that already exists.
Some explanations for UG (10/20/2003 - check the date there are some updates coming)

Boundary elements for exterior domain problems

More information about this project will be available later in this term.