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Welcome to my webpage ! 
In 2002, I was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Houston. Since 1995, I also hold a C4-Professorship at the Faculty of  Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Augsburg.  My areas of interest, broadly speaking, are Numerical Analysis and Optimization.

Curriculum Vitae



    Research Projects:

  1. Adaptive Hybridized DG Methods for Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering

  2. Reduced Order Model Approaches for Time Dependent Nonlinear PDE Constrained Optimization

  3. Tuning-Free Adaptive Multilevel Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Maxwell's Equations

  4. Modeling, Analysis and simulation of Surface Acoustic Driven Microfluidic Biochips

  5. Multilevel Methods in PDE Constrained Optimization

  6. Goal-oriented Mesh Adaptivity for Constrained Optimal Control and Optimization Problems

  7. CYBer-Physical Systems for the Hospital Operating Room